Photograph C-Print Diasec, 240x360 cm, 2010

...“The first project Volkan Aslan has developed for the ‘Second Exhibition’ is a photo-performance that brings the public space into the institutional art space. With 25 models hired from a castin agency, Aslan transforms the exhibition space, where ARTER’s opening exhibition ‘Starter’ was held, into a perfor- mance zone, re-starting within the institutional space he uses as a studio, a clash between the police and demonstretors ( a familiar scene one can often witness on ?stiklal Street ) and exhibits the work within the same institution.”

Emre Baykal, Second Exhibition Book 1/2 p.62, Editor: Ilkay Balic, Design: Esen Karol, Translation: Nazim Dikbas

installation view from “SECOND EXHIBITION” curated by Emre Baykal, ARTER - Istanbul