350 x 30 x 55 cm, dry cargo ship model,wood, plexiglas, soil, 2015

Dear Istanbul, is actually a letter—a passionate letter written to the city by a resident as simply as possible. It is an effort to transform several concepts pertaining to the city including public space, visibility, witnessing, habits and beauty into one form that is structured around a single narrative, the most well-known outline of the city, along the Bosporus.

The Image of the Bosporus, a prominent trademark of Istanbul throughout the history and the boats floating on it merge in this installation to form a wooden model ship that bares the burden of the entire city and echoes its secrets and the boundaries.

With the valuable contribution and craftsmanship of Metin Gurkan and Ali Durmus who have passionately made ship models in Istanbul for many years, Dear Istanbul, was prepared for this exhibition to present an unprecedented view for the spectators.

installation view from “Istanbul. Passion, Joy, Fury” curated by Hou Hanru, Ceren Erdem, Elena Motisi, Donatella Saroli, Maxxi Museum - Rome