Plaster heads and neon tubes, dimensions variable, 2014

“Volkan Aslan’s Dear Ugly Future, envisioned by the artist as a “letter to the future,” employs plaster replicas of antique Greek heads adorned with hand-made twisted halos of bright neon light. A site-specific work, the heads line the ground floor of the parking lot, rendering the encounter with them reminiscent of an archeological excavation. But where one expects to unearth the antiquated marble relics of a by gone era—in a city composed of thousands upon thousands of layers of history—one is confronted with the concrete, plastic, and neon aesthetic of our current age. The work forces us to abandon our nostalgic impulse and compels the viewer to come to terms with where we are collectively headed, as Turkey continues to walk its current path towards unbridled economic growth and urban transformation. As such, Aslan historicizes the construction of the garage itself as well as the artificial garden built above it, both of which were ironically built on the grounds of what was until recently an actual park.”

Seyma Bayram (

installation view from The Moving Museum-Istanbul