Cart for waste paper; made of stainless steel and imitation leather, 220x65x58 cm, 2010

... “His other works in the exhibition follows the trajectory of the works he devel- opped for the exhibitions pograms that travel within the city, such as “Volkan Aslan in Istanbul” and “Exhibition Hall”, and transforms a more genuine story of “wandering” experienced in the city into a design object. Aslan has produced a huge Louis Vuitton cart, based on the model of the now almost standardized cart/bags of the paper-collectors, who try to make a living by selling/recycling the waste-paper they sort out from the rubbish the city produces everyday; in this way he brings up the institutionalization in art that runs parallel to the increasing place it offers brands to discussion.” ...

Emre Baykal, Second Exhibition Book 1/2 p.63, Editor: Ilkay Balic, Design: Esen Karol, Translation: Nazim Dikbas

installation view from “SECOND EXHIBITION” curated by Emre Baykal, ARTER - Istanbul
photos:Hadiye Gokce